Strata Pix

And people ask me, "Why don't you get more done?"

This could be one of the reasons.

New Pictures


Screen Backgrounds (1024 x 768)

Catalina Island

Live Oak Renaissance Faire, Santa Barbara, July 2001

Spirit Lake B&B, Lake County CA, November 2001

Train for Tots, Mt View CA, December 2001


Cougar HotSprings, Blue River OR, December 1999

Pike Place Market, Seattle WA, November 1999

Unsorted Pictures (Named, Most Not Yet Reduced or Color-Corrected)

San Jose Municipal Rose Gardens (with Mom), San Jose CA, November 2000

Various Attractions, Las Vegas NV, November 2000

Baker HotSprings, Mt. Baker WA, October 2000

Rose Family Reunion, Penacook NH, July 2000

Tubing on Kevin's Boat, Warminster PA, July 2000

Port Townsend & Marymere Falls, Olympic Peninsula WA, April 2000

Hoover Dam, NV/AZ, November 1999

Bus Conversion Pix, Sunnyvale CA, 1999 & 2000

Seattle Misc

Chalup Family Misc

Rose Family Misc

Boo & Snark (Our Cats)

Mike & Strata's Apartment